Everything You Need to Put SnapPads on Your Rig

Putting SnapPads on your rig is as easy as 1-2-3! Lay your pads on the ground under the levelers, apply some dish soap around the lip, and lower the foot into place.

Sometimes, things can happen during installation, which is why we are here to help! Visit our Contact Us page for assistance, or call 1-866-923-9538 for instant support.

WARNING: Do not use petroleum-based lubricants (i.e., Silicone or WD-40®) to install your pads as they may interact negatively with the rubber and binder in your pads. Instead, use a small bead of dish soap around the lip of your pads.

Simple Instructions

  1. Step 01

    Simply place the SnapPad underneath the metal foot of the RV. Grab a buddy to help you out. SnapPads are easier to install with two people.

    For better installation, please ensure your leveling feet are clean, dry and free of defects.

  2. Step 02

    Lower the foot into the cavity and continue to apply pressure until the lip wraps over the edge of the foot. You'll know it's in place by the distinctive snap!

    We recommend using some dish soap around the inner lip to help snap it into place. WARNING: Do not use petroleum based lubricants (i.e. Silicone or WD 40), as this can erode the SnapPad.

  3. Step 03

    Now your SnapPads are permanently installed and ready to effortlessly level your RV across any surface. It's just that easy.

    Once installation is complete, wash off any excess soap and dry the foot/pad.

  4. Step 04

    Should your SnapPad not install, raise your foot 3 - 4", place a shim on the side of the pad that did not install, and lower the foot. The shim will help snap the pad into place.

    Be sure to keep your fingers away from pinch points while installing your SnapPad!

Additional Resources