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The Cap & Base Upgrade

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**Please Note** Always double check your leveling system and jack feet before ordering SnapPads. Because there is no standard in the industry, we cannot guarantee your rig will be compatible with SnapPads without a visual inspection of your leveling system. Need help? Contact us at

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    Includes 3 Caps & 4 Bases, to complete your collection.

    With our 4-Pack of The Cap & Base, your RV will unlock the ultimate leveling platform, with The Cap adding grip and protection to the top of your leveling blocks, and The Base preventing sinking and damage from the terrain.

    With both, you'll be able to mix and match your leveling configuration to whatever comes your way, and know that your leveling blocks aren't going anywhere. 

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The SnapPad Guarantee

We have no doubts that you will love your SnapPads! When purchasing, we offer a 30-day money back guarantee and a 2-year warranty on all purchases. All SnapPads are made in the USA and shipped to our Canadian HQ.

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